Monday, November 29, 2010

So, anyway. Down to actual work.

My main intention with this blog is to put up a regular journal of what gaming development I'm working through at the moment.  Right now, I'm mentally working through the different projects I've set before me at the moment, with the idea of being able to keep track of what progress has been made on which project at any given time.  This last week was something of a wash, in terms of getting much done, but this week holds vague sorts of promise, once the hassles of real life get out of the way.  (For the sake or alleviating future confusion, I need to replace the brake lines on the van before it's drivable again.  Much like the last time I blew out the brakes on a vehicle, it was due to an unfortunate near-collision with a couple of deer.)

In no particular order, the projects in question are:
  • Shattered Sky
  • GPS Modern Role-Playing
  • Dream Police
  • Sextant Adventure Modules (the Jungle Game)
And, if I have time or need a break from the previous:
  • The Antediluvian Novel Project
In terms of work, these projects have wildly different expectations looming over them.

Shattered Sky is the most ambitious of the lot, mainly because it has to be built from the ground up, without any real form of collaborative writing.  Yes, I'll have input from the different corners, but since I'm the main one that knows what the plots and meta-plots are, I'm the only one that has as extensive play experience with the base system that I'm rebuilding, and so on...  most of the heavy lifting will be on my part.

Right now, I have enough of the world built to be able to run a game in it.  (See various accounts of the games that have play-tested the system.  If memory serves, we managed to get a grand total of five sessions off the ground before I gave up on running without a cogent book.)  What I need to do is codify the rules, jigger the rules for using the Force (and re-name it so I don't have to keep using that name), and build out enough detail of the world for other people to be able to run the game for me.

GPS Modern Role-Playing is the one that I'm technically doing the least amount of work, as I'm working as much as an editor (in terms of both actual edits and badgering for deadlines) as anything.  Since most of the writing and conversion is being done elsewhere, I'm planning to focus on creative elements and streamlining.  This is going to require some work on building worlds into the generic setting, but this is what I'm best at, really.  I mean, Shattered Sky is less about rules than setting, given the weight that the setting details ended up having.  With this in mind, I figure to work one solid and immediately playable setting into the main rules, along with a half-dozen or so minor settings.

Dream Police is another rules-heavy game system that I'm going to be working on.  There are a number of basic ideas already sketched out, in terms of how to make the game actually work as a engine for a surrealistic dreamscape, but the original build got lost in a hard drive wipe.  This means that it's going to have to build back up from faulty memories and cogent theories.  I figure I'll have two fairly equal partners on the worldset aspect of things, but the immediate problem is getting the rules in hand to be able to playtest.

The Sextant Adventure Modules are something that I could probably whack out in a matter of weeks, but they're going to be needing the most in terms of artwork and content like maps.  I know pretty well how I want to proceed on these, which I figure I should detail in an accompanying post, but in short, I intend to build these modules out using the templates that Paizo has already proven are user-friendly and successful.

And finally, the Antediluvian Novels are going to be what I end up doing in my free time, since I've been slowly working on them in my head.  There's far too much story there to be left to other people's recollections alone.  How much of these I end up working on is a question, but it's something that needs to be dealt with sooner or later, given how much material there is to work from.

This is my current tally of things, which I figure will serve as a framework for the time being.

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