Monday, November 29, 2010

Sextant Adventure Modules

Converting the (so-called) Jungle Game into a publishable adventure module for widespread use doesn't really strike me as much more of a task than a dedication of time.  I've already devoted a fairly solid amount of time in the development of the game, which I ended up using on three separate occasions.  More than anything else, it would need to be properly laid out and put into a cohesive format.  I have to think that this transformation, from my scratched out notations to a final copy that other people could work from, will be the only real work that would be needed.

Right now, I think the layout would follow this sort of template:
  • Introduction - My general overview of how the modules came to be in the first place
  • Adventure - Opening areas of the module, taking the characters from level 1 to level 4, give or take
  • Bestiary - Including the six or so new monsters that I would need to detail for the sake of the game
  • New Races/Cultures - For the first module, this would be the Dragon Elves I used in Korea
  • Overview - A basic outline of where the module series is going to go from here
As far as the adventure goes, I would probably include 1.) Waking up in the temple and escaping, 2.) Seeking the shipwreck on the coast, 3.) Encountering the full tribe of lizardmen that had overtaken an abandoned city and set up a gladiatorial arena.

The first part would follow the exploration of the temple grounds that they first encountered, as well as the opening text detailing the expedition and its inevitable wreck.  The second would deal with finding out what had happened to the ship when it crashed, as well as dealing with the lizardfolk that seek to keep the characters from retrieving their gear.  And the final part would deal with the attack on the local lizardfolk refuge, as they learn of the depraved and horrible nature of their foes.

A lot of this would require a certain amount of calculation as to how many levels would be available to a group of adventurers over the course of the planned encounters.  If it ends up falling short, there would be plenty of material to add to the module to pad it out properly.

The subsequent adventures would deal with exploring the rest of the fairly massive island (I'm still debating as to whether my original ideas of a small continent are wholly necessary), finding out what sort of conspiracy is propelling the events of the module, and laying it to rest once and for all.

The subsequent New Races sections could deal with the cultures of the different "standard" races as they appear in this setting, along with prestige classes that would fit the themes of the culture.

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