Monday, November 29, 2010

On the re-activation of dead accounts...

From the look of things, I started this blog about six years ago, posted all of eight times over the course of a month, and then abandoned it.  It had been my general repository of various bitches about Dungeons & Dragons 3.0/3.5, and given that I have forgotten what major problems I had with the game, it should be interesting to go back and look it over at some point.

This was the original header for the blog entitled:  "3rd Edition Woes."
  •  At present, I'm working on re-fitting the Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules to my taste, which has turned into a bit of a long-term project.  Sooner or later, I'll actually have a group and be able to run a game.
Given that I ended up having a couple of solid groups that lasted me during much of my time in Hanam, South Korea, where I would have been living at the time, I really am left to wonder how long it was until I ended up hanging out with gamers again.

Then again, that's probably why I stopped using the blog and bitching about 3rd Edition.  Less time to sit and think about things when you actually have something to do.

The other blog, which I had put separately, is even more cryptic.  It speaks presciently of problems with my school in Hanam (Dongbu Elementary, if anyone actually cares), noting that it may cause problems in the coming year, and has exactly one post to its name.

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