Friday, November 19, 2004


It's weird, the kind of things that will crop up to mess with me. I started a blog (two, actually) for the sake of recording my thoughts on a public forum, since there was nothing similar. I figured that it would be a way to while away the time at work when I was done doing the basic things that are required of me and was left with time to kill.

As a sort of redundancy, I've been posting these first bits on two sites, Bloglines and Blogspot. In some ways, I prefer the formatting options on Blogspot, but I can see other advantages inherent in Bloglines. Since I'm not all that comfortable with blogs in general, I can hardly claim to be an expert with how things are done, so I'm still working out what will function best for my limited purposes.

What's caught me is that, for whatever reason, I can't access a preview of my posting on Blogspot from the computers here at the school. I can access everything except the front page that everyone else sees, and while that's not a terribly big deal, it's annoying. It would be nice to be able to see if the formatting of a given post looks like hell or not, even though I'm pretty sure it's fine.

I don't figure that this will change the way I do things a whole hell of a lot, but for the time being, it's able to confound and annoy me.

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